Dealul Crucii wooden church, Baia Mare, Maramures County, Romania

Delul Crucii wooden church, general view
Delul Crucii wooden church, general view

The wooden church was built in 1999 to house “Saint Mary’s Monastery” where a small community of nuns under the name of “The Basilican Sisters of Holy Mary’s Immaculate Heart”, belonging to Saint Basil’s Order, lives. The day we celebrate ”The Dormition of Our Lord’s Mother” is the dedication day of this church.

The structure of the church is common to many other Maramures churches. It is rounded with a pentagonal porch and apse, with dovetailed joints at its corners and a single span roof supported y wide brackets cut in equal straight steps.

The three-sided roof is covered with copper plate that protects the whole structure. The bell-tower has an extended watchtower and a balcony held up by twelve pillars connected by arcades. A very sharp prismatic shaped spire is on top.

The porch is supported by eight pillars grouped in pairs, decorated with the same raised motifs met on the Maramures wooden gates. They are connected, at their upper part, by a wooden corona that starts at the base level of the brackets. A raised carved wooden

Dealul Crucii wooden church
Dealul Crucii wooden church

twisted rope unfolds along the length of the corona, in loops, one in front of each pillar. On the sides, artfully carved knots, rosettes and rhombuses form a line of decoration.

A gallery of pillars separates the pronaos from the nave. The pillars are rounded and decorated with circular rings of twisted rope, rhombuses and vertical raised carved ropes.

The same decorations can be found on the parapet of the balcony, the fake arch of the vault and also on the furniture inside.

The high-backed armchairs of the Hierarchs and the Iconostasis are exceptional. They are decorated with dense floral motifs) regularly set out on the horizontal borders that separate the rows or tiers of icons. Grape vines, rosettes and oak leaves beautifully complete the Iconostasis decoration.

Dealul Crucii wooden church
Dealul Crucii wooden church

The first tier shows “The Last Supper”, at its centre. Scenes from Jesus life are found) on each side, separated by arcades and colonnades decorated with fir cones. The Trinity surrounded by The Apostles makes up the second tier bordered by twisted rope colonnades. The third row contains small medallions of The Holy Mother and The Prophets at the bottom. At the top , there is Jesus on the cross flanked by St. John and His Mother, Mary.

One of the icons shows Saint Basil, the Great the founder of the Order. The other valuable icons in this church are those of the Archangel Michael, The Holy Mother with The Child Iesus, Archangel Gabriel, and The Donnition of Our Lord’s Mother, the patron saint  of the church.

The Holy Doors are also beautifully  decorated with grape vines with the  Annunciation in

Holy doors
Holy doors

a rectangular frame in the  middle, and with the Evangelists in square frames to the sides.

On the sides of The Holy Table or Altar, there  are wonderful vegetable motifs in the shape of a cross in square frames.

The interior painting is in the neo-Byzantine style. The carvings were made at Nemtisor Targu Neamt. They prove there has been an unceasing cultural connection between Ardeal and Moldavia.


Sursa: Wooden churches from Maramures


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