Baia Sprie wooden church, Maramures County, Romania

The stone and wooden church, general view
The stone and wooden church, general view

The Orthodox Church named ” The Dormition of Our Lord’s Mother” was built in 1793. The walls are made of stone; the wooden roof is covered with clapboard.

The bell-tower has a bell-like spire that continues up to a sphere and a short cone; having an elaborate wrought iron cross on top.

The structure is different from that of the other churches. It lacks the pronaos and it has a separate semi-circular apse and a straight front wall with two skylights at the level of the trellis -work poles. The vault of the nave is boarded and entirely covered by paintings closely packed and partially preserved. Some o the scenes represent “Elijah’s Ascension”, ”Iacob’s Ladder” and the faces of Evangelists, each identified by Slavonic inscriptions.

Detail of the Iconostasis

An exceptional Iconostasis is made of lime wood in an “Oriental” style. The beautiful wooden tracery in the shape of vegetable fronds and floral garlands is spread around the centre, in the form of a pyramid. The Iconostasis was brought from another church; but unfortunately there are no records of its origin.

The paintings on the Iconostasis, as well as the two main Principal Icons are treasures. The icons on the frame of the Holy Doors are special as they represent

Miners silk banner
Miners silk banner

two Hierarchs in robes painted in a estern realistic style.

Two miners’ banners made of silk (having the miners coat of arms on them in a band of laurels embroidered with olden thread), are kept in this church. The date when these flags were made is not known.







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