BUTEASA CODRU wooden church, Maramures County, Romania

The wooden church, generl view
The wooden church, generl view

The village appears with this name in 1913 and the separation from Buteasa is recorded in 1424.

The wooden church is named after its patron, “The Holy Trinity”; it was built in 1937, by the inhabitants of the small community. This fact is signified by the cross with one arm, placed on the top of the tower.

The small building has a porch with its sides inwardly sloping. The apse is pentagonal and the roof is very low. The railings of the bell-tower are covered with horizontal planks. The gallery is supported by twelve pillars. It is joined in a double corona, which has at its top a square pointed spire. The spire ends with a simple cross, fixed in a sphere.

The painting on the walls is recent and it reveals, in the pronaos, religious scenes with “Jesus and the Samaritan Woman”, “the Parable of the Good Samaritan”, “Jesus and Peter Walking on the Sea” and “The Parable of the Rich Young

The wooden church, detail of the gate
The wooden church, detail of the gate


The sidewalls of the nave are painted with scenes from Jesus Christ’s life: “The Baptism”, ”The Crucifixion” and “The Resurrection”. On the parapet of the balcony there are St. Constantine and Helen surrounded by the Martyrs of the Orthodox Church. On the ceiling vault “Jesus – the Pantocrator (Ruler of the Universe)”, is framed in a circular medallion, surrounded by the Evangelists.

On the vault of the Sanctuary “Jesus Christ’s Mother with the Child” is painted in a circular frame, with Angels and Church Fathers on the sides.

Painting in the pronaos
Painting in the pronaos

The painting, in Neo-Byzantine style, has a specific feature. The scenes are ordered in groups linked by ethical and religious themes. This typical symbolic means of expression is accompanied by light colouring, with no crude bright colours.

Samples of older painting are still preserved in the attic of the church, like tie painting of the four Evangelists. A very old icon on wood with St. Nicholas and a collection of western icons, of no great value, are also preserved in this church.

The roof and the tower of the church are covered with zinc-plated sheets. The balanced forms and the elegant structure of the church are impressive.



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