FRANCENII BOIULUI, near Boiu Mare, Maramures County, Romania

The wooden church, general view
The wooden church, general view

The settlement was recorded in 1566. The patron saints of thus wooden church built in 1752 are the Holy Archangels. The apse is polygonal having inwardly sloping sidewalls. The roof made in one piece, is covered with double clapboard shingles, joined with a dovetail technique.

Brackets of unequal length support the roof. Above them a corona beam is fastened to the double cornice of the framework by means of wooden pegs. The method is amazing as they are fastened obliquely to the sidewalls.

The outside walls are surrounded with a raised and carved frieze. It is similar to that found on the frame to the entrance door. This is decorated with rows of flutings, wolf’s teeth, and rosettes that can also be found on the frame of the passage door between the pronaos and the nave. The passage door is painted in brick-red.

The church-porch, having four pillars connected by solid braces, extends to the south in a

The wooden church, detail
The wooden church, detail

veranda that protects the door to the pronaos. This door has a wooden door handle mechanism.

The inside paintings are completely destroyed due to successive restorations that necessitated the nailing of wooden boards in order to preserve the vault.

In the Sanctuary, traces of paintings can be observed on the sides of the doors.

The access from the nave to the Altar is through two doors, an old solution in organizing the interior space of these churches.

An antique wooden cross, painted on both sides with the face of Christ crucified can be admired in this church.

The bell-tower rises above the pronaos. The watchtower’s gallery is hidden by fret-sawn wooden boards in the shape of spears. It has a balcony supported by eight pillars, which are not decorated, and are joined by a solid corona without braces. A conical spire adorns the top of the tower.



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