GROAPE wooden church, town Targu Lapus, Maramures County, Romania

The wooden church, general view
The wooden church, general view

The settlement was first recorded in 1638. The wooden church that has as its patrons The Holy Archangels, was built in 1830, later on being restored and plastered both inside and out.

The brackets under the stage-cut roof are still visible. They were joined with shaped beams, that covered the space between the walls and the eaves.

The Porch was covered with a brick wall, on which the faces of Archangels Michael and Gabriel are painted.

The roof is covered, with clapboard and is lowered above the Sanctuary. The bell-tower is two staged   and the watchtower is hidden. The spire is very short and flared and covered with tin sheets.

The sidewalls of the nave are painted in a simple style up to the side vault. This is

The wooden church details
The wooden church details

separated from the side vault by a frieze made up of successive rhombuses painted in red, yellow and black. On the side vault there are images that picture Jesus having been captured in order to be crucified, “The Kiss  Of Betrayal “,” The Crucifixion”, and a scene in which” Jesus Clothes are given away”. On the top The Trinity and the Evangelists are painted.

On the wall opposite the lconostasis, there is a very interesting scene with The Virgin Mary’s coronation.

Holy Doors
Holy Doors

The Iconostasis is very modest having only two rows, one with The Apostles and Jesus giving His blessing, and the other one (presenting Jesus on the cross, with Saint John and Jesus’ Mother Mary standing guard. Their artistic value is not very high.

The Holy Doors are spectacular being decorated with grape vines covered with bunches of grapes and medallions in pairs, showing the Annunciation in a Byzantine style.

Some glass-icons are preserved in this church, while the wooden icons had been lost or transferred elsewhere.




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