JUGASTRENI wooden church, near Vima Mica

The wooden church, general view
The wooden church, general view

The village was first recorded in 1603. The wooden church under the patronage of Archangels Michael and Gabriel was built between 1846 and 1866 with the financial support of the villagers. The carpenter was Horja a well-known artist of the region.

The construction is typical to Maramures. It is notable because of a large porch supported by four massive pillars that have a round section in the middle, made up of thirteen rings. The pillars are joined by three arcades that are painted on the vault in the shape of three entwined circles. The same pattern can be seen on the roof braces.

The large entrance door has frame pillars that are not decorated. The four-sided roof has a bell-tower with octagonal spire that ends with a three-armed wrought iron cross, fixed on a sphere. The watchtower has a protective frame around the gallery, while on the sides there are windows with shutters. The whole construction is covered with metal plates.

The wooden church detail
The wooden church detail

The interior paintin is surprisingly well preserved in the pronaos. There are scenes with “The Wise and Foolish Virgins”, “Etacla the Martyr”, and “Emperor Constantine and Empress Helena”, “The kiss of Judas”, “Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemene”, “Jesus Facing Herod”, “Saint George” and others.

On the parapet of the balcony, as seen from the nave, circular medallions dated 1866 show Aaron and John the Baptist surrounded by Cherubs. On the back of the balcony Adam’s temptation is painted on the wall.

The sidewalls are separated from the vault by a frieze of oak leaves. Above them a row of icons is separated from the top of the vault by means of another frieze made up of a row of coloured rhombus shapes.

The icons in the nave present a large scene with “The Sufferings of Jesus”, “The Giving Away of His Clothes” and “The Capture in the Garden”. On the vault, “Elijah’s Ascension”, “Enoch”, and the four Evangelists surround the Holy Mother. She is painted with open arms symbolizing her kindness and protection of the people.

The wooden church detail
The wooden church detail

The lconostasis impresses the viewer with the arch that connects the vault. It is decorated with circular medallions picturing the prophets of the jewish people: Jacob,  Zechariah, Gideon, Ezekiel, Daniel, Jeremiah, Hosea and Moses. Above the Holy Doors of the lconastasis Saint Thomas, Saint Luke, Saint Andrew and Saint Philip are painted.

Wooden icons, wooden crosses and a few old and valuable candlesticks are also treasures of this church.



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